86084-2016: Hungary-Budapest: Multimedia services for CEPOL


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Multimedia support services for CEPOL communications activities, enabling CEPOL to provide participants to CEPOL events, training activities, visitors, target groups and the general public with information regarding CEPOL and to help raise awareness of CEPOL and reinforce its image. The contractor may be required to perform services falling under the following groups of tasks:

B.1.3.d.1. Design and illustration:

— design and layout: develop and produce the design and layout of brochures, leaflets, posters, infographics or any other paper-based product; the design and layout of presentations (e.g. Prezi, PowerPoint, flash animations); the design and layout of material for publication on the Web, including mobile applications, newsletters and e-books; the design and layout of websites,

— other promotional material: design and produce promotional material, gadgets, stands, roll-ups, banners and advertising or promotional supports (e.g. for publication in the press or for a presentation at a conference),

— photos, illustrations and copyright: create and research images, illustrations and infographics for all types of information material; produce photojournalistic reports and take photos for publications and websites; purchase stock photos and illustrations for multiple use in various contexts/media, this includes the editorial research and the management of copyright-related issues,

— adaptation to digital supports: produce the corresponding digital files (Adobe InDesign, Press and Web optimised pdf, etc.) of designs and illustrations; create and duplicate offline multimedia products (DVDs, etc.),

— printing services: the contractor may be requested to print and deliver promotional material.

B.1.3.d.2. Production of audiovisual and multimedia content:

— advisory role: provide advice and research on subjects for audiovisual material which could be appropriate for usage by television/radio networks and stations and/or online distribution,

— production of audiovisual material: develop concepts, scripts, film, edit and produce video clips, teasers, animated films, animated graphics, reports, documentaries, videos, VNR (video news release), video compilations for events, TV and radio advertisements and co-productions, jingles, other audiovisual material on EU policies, programmes and projects meeting the highest professional quality standards,

— adaptation to digital supports: encode, edit, convert, compress and optimise audiovisual material in formats suitable for online distribution (download or streaming); transpose and reproduce the products in all appropriate formats (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MP3, MP4, formats for online streaming, etc.) to insure effective dissemination,

— production of interviews: produce interviews to be included in audiovisual products,

— Web streaming: provide live Web streaming services for events to enable all interested parties to follow the broadcasted live video sessions on the Internet,

— dissemination: plan and implement dissemination via radio and television, as well as for example via Europe by satellite (EbS), the EU satellite television agency and EuTube (http://www.youtube.com/user/eutube), the European Commission section on YouTube; optimise audiovisual material for publication on the Web, social media and develop multimedia and interactive functionalities and applications including for mobile devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets); prepare audiovisual material for dissemination and delivery in DVDs,

— management of copyrights: coordinate with third parties — publishing companies, collective management organisations, other Intellectual property rights owners — the procurement of commercial licences and the reimbursement of related costs for the use and publication of licensed videos, music and images.

Any visual material also has to be prepared for use on YouTube.

Production of audiovisual material may involve travel and shooting on location. The contractor will be responsible for the travel arrangements required under the framework contract.


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