445666-2014: Ireland-Dublin: Various services


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Eurofound will request tailor-made/customised training courses, information on participation, attendance and involvement; surveys on satisfaction with courses for the programmes described below and periodic progress reports. Normally, training courses would be given in English:
(a) management development programme, provided through training, coaching, workshops and facilitation of subjects such as strategic thinking and planning, coaching, leadership, change management, management of projects, etc. Customised training is oriented to a mid-term learning process and not to one-off training sessions without follow-up.
All training programmes will be customised to the needs of Eurofound, taking into account its multinational and EU public sector working environment. Where necessary, training will be supported through a one-to-one coaching programme;
(b) professional effectiveness programme for non-management staff such as team working, project management, time management, professional and career development, deadline management, delegation, motivation, supervisory skills, personal effectiveness, negotiation skills, office management, organisational skills, meeting management, stress management, assertiveness training, customer care, dealing with difficult people, innovation, etc.
The contractor will be commissioned by Eurofound to provide, on request: communication skills training, such as oral presentation skills, general communication skills, minute writing, report writing, writing press releases, writing conference and seminar summaries, speech writing, writing for different media, summary writing, writing for the Web, presentation of data, visualisation of (graphical) information, communication of research results, presentations of press conferences and PowerPoint presentation techniques.
Training may include standard courses, tailor-made courses and/or one-to-one mentoring.
Eurofound will furthermore request information on participation, attendance and involvement; and surveys on satisfaction with courses. Normally, training courses would be given in English.
Estimated cost excluding VAT:
Range: between 1 and 360 000 EUR


This contract is divided into lots: yes


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