376784-2015: Belgium-Brussels: Maritime policy and climate change


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Cancellation of a service tender procedure

(Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union, 26.2.2015, 2015/S 40-067755)

 1.Publication reference:

EuropeAid/136489/DH/SER/MULTI — lot 3: maritime policy and climate change.

 2.Date of publication:


 3.Programme title:

‘Facility for Euromed dialogue and exchange of best practices’ lot 3.

 4.Contracting authority:

European Union, represented by the European Commission, for and on behalf of the Government of ENPI South countries, Brussels, BELGIUM.

 5.Reason for cancellation:

When evaluating the technical offers, none achieved a score of 80 or more and could be declared ‘technically accepted’.


Should a new tender procedure be launched for this project, a new contract notice will be published, unless the contracting authority awards the contract through a negotiated procedure — in which case only the award of the contract will be published.


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