322132-2014: Vietnam-Hanoi: DCI — Provision of arrangement services for the events organised by European Trade Policy and Investment Support Project (EU-MUTRAP)


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Service prior information notice

Location — Asia, Vietnam

 1.Publication reference:




 3.Programme title:



Financing agreement DCI-ASIE/2011/22818.

 5.Contracting authority:

Ministry of Industry and Trade, Hanoi, SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM.

 6.Nature of contract:


 7.Contract description:

The European trade policy and investment support project (EU-MUTRAP) aims to support Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade in facilitating sustainable international trade and investment through improved capacity for policy-making, policy consultation, and the negotiation and implementation of related commitments, particularly vis-à-vis the EU. EU-MUTRAP started in August 2012 and will last approximately 5 years.

The contract covers the provision of short term logistical support for the arrangement and organisation of project events such as workshops, conferences, policy networking sessions, meetings, seminars and trainings, via individual event orders for the period from August 2015 to December 2017. The quality of this support must be guaranteed by the contractor, who possesses the appropriate technical skills. This support will be provided for the exclusive benefit of the contracting authority.

Support may cover any aspect for the arrangement, organisation and logistics for conferences, trainings and seminars. Services should include booking and contracting of event venues, training equipment, accommodation, meals and refreshments, organising travel and transport, including missions abroad, etc. The objectives and outputs of each individual event will be described in the event order, which will become part of the contract.

 8.Indicative budget:

1 434 000 EUR.

 9.Intended timing of publication of the contract notice:

November 2014.

 10.Additional information:

Not applicable.

 11.Legal basis:

Regulation (EU) No 236/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11.3.2014 laying down common rules and procedures for the implementation of the Union’s instruments for financing external action and DCI.


There must be a minimum period of 30 calendar days between the publication of this prior information notice and the publication of the corresponding contract notice.

No applications or requests for information should be sent at this stage.


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