304214-2014: Turkey-Ankara: IPA — Technical assistance for Sivas Enterprise Development Centre (İŞGEM)


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Service prior information notice

Location — Republic of Turkey

 1.Publication reference:




 3.Programme title:



IPA budget item 13 05 02 of the general budget of the EU and national contribution.

 5.Contracting authority:

Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, DG for European Union and Foreign Affairs, IPA-Operating Structure (MoSIT/IPA-OS), Ankara, TURKEY.

 6.Nature of contract:


 7.Contract description:

The purpose of the contract is to strengthen the entrepreneurial infrastructure in Sivas. The contract consists of 2 subcomponents: improving Sivas İŞGEM’s service infrastructure and strengthening the technical capacities of enterprises in Sivas İŞGEM.

The first subcomponent of the subject contract is comprised of 4 activity groups:

— preparation of business plan and service manuals for Sivas İŞGEM,

— promotion,

— operationalisation of Sivas İŞGEM, and

— selection of entrepreneurs.

The second subcomponent of the contract is comprised of 2 types of business development services to the tenants of Sivas İŞGEM:

— review and improvement of business plans of tenants, and

— support the implementation of business plans.

 8.Indicative budget:

1 740 750 EUR.

 9.Intended timing of publication of the contract notice:

February 2015.

 10.Additional information:

Not applicable.

 11.Legal basis:

Council Regulation (EC) No 1085/2006 of 17.7.2006 establishing an Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) (OJ L 210, 31.7.2006, p. 82).


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