225556-2013: Belgium-Brussels: Call for expressions of interest — procurement of electronic dictionaries and databases


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Notice of call for expressions of interest

 1.Contracting authority:

European Commission, Directorate-General for Translation (DGT), Directorate R — Resources, Unit R.2 — Budget and finance, rue de Genève 6, G-6 12/35, 1049Brussels, BELGIUM. E-mail: dgt-acquisitions@ec.europa.eu

 2.Application procedure:

The objective of this call for expressions of interest is to set up lists of preselected candidates.

Expressions of interest should be submitted in one of the official languages of the European Union by post to the address indicated at point 1.

Inclusion on the list and sub-lists entails no obligation on the part of the contracting authority concerning the conclusion of contracts.

 3.Information and documents to be provided:
 4.General description of the procedure:

Interested parties are invited to submit an expression of interest in accordance with the rules set out in this notice.

The contracting authority will draw up one list of preselected candidates who meet the criteria set out at point 11.

This list will be subdivided into sub-lists according to the languages criterion described at point 7.

Where a specific contract relating to the language(s) described at point 7 is to be concluded, the contracting authority will invite all the candidates on the relevant sub-list(s), to submit a tender. The contracting authority will send these candidates the tender specifications relating to the contract in question.

 5.Protection of personal data:

If processing your expression of interest involves the recording and processing of personal data (such as your name, address and CV), such data will be processed pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 45/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Community institutions and bodies and on the free movement of such data. Unless indicated otherwise, your reply to this notice and any personal data requested are required for the purposes indicated above in point 4 and will be processed solely for those purposes by the contracting authority indicated in point 1, which is also acting as data controller. Details concerning the processing of your personal data are available on the privacy statement at:


Your personal data may be registered in the Early Warning System (EWS) only, or both in the EWS and Central Exclusion Database (CED), by the Accounting Officer of the Commission, should you be in one of the situations mentioned in:

— the Commission Decision 2008/969 of 16.12.2008 on the Early Warning System (for more information see the privacy statement on http://ec.europa.eu/budget/contracts_grants/info_contracts/legal_entities/legal_entities_en.cfm), or

— the Commission Regulation 2008/1302 of 17.12.2008 on the Central Exclusion Database (for more information see the privacy statement on http://ec.europa.eu/budget/explained/management/protecting/protect_en.cfm#BDCE).
 6.Use of the list resulting from this notice:

The list and sub-lists resulting from this notice will be used exclusively for public procurement supply contracts below 130 000 EUR per year per sub-list.

 7.Full description of the fields covered by the call for expressions of interest:

DGT wishes to procure electronic dictionaries and databases on various media (CD/DVD-ROM, web-based with online access via login and password or IP verification, or server-based).

The electronic dictionaries and databases to be procured can be general or specialised, monolingual, bilingual, or multilingual. Monolingual dictionaries and databases must be, in one of the EU official languages or in one of the languages of the candidate countries (EU official languages are Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, French, Finnish, German, Greek, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, and Swedish. Languages of candidate countries are Icelandic, Macedonian, and Turkish). Bilingual and multilingual dictionaries and databases must support at least 1 of the EU official languages.

Candidates are required to complete the language coverage table that can be found at http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/translation/workwithus/calls/open/eldb02/index_en.htm

There will be 1 sub-list per each EU official language and each candidate country language. Preselected candidates will be enrolled in each sub-list corresponding to their declared language coverage and will be accordingly consulted for the specific contracts.
 8.Place of delivery:

Delivery of electronic dictionaries and databases other than web-based will be at DGT premises in Brussels.

 9.Expiry date of the list resulting from this call for expressions of interest:

The list and sub-lists resulting from this notice are valid for 3 years from the dispatch of this notice. Interested parties may submit an application at any time prior to the last 3 months of validity of the list and sub-lists.

 10.Exclusion criteria:

Candidates shall be excluded from participation if:

(a) they are bankrupt or being wound up, are having their affairs administered by the courts, have entered into an arrangement with creditors, have suspended business activities, are the subject of proceedings concerning those matters, or are in any analogous situation arising from a similar procedure provided for in national legislation or regulations;

(b) they or persons having powers of representation, decision making or control over them have been convicted of an offence concerning their professional conduct by a judgment of a competent authority of a Member State which has the force of ‘res judicata';

(c) they have been guilty of grave professional misconduct proven by any means which the contracting authority can justify including by decisions of the European Investment Bank and international organisations;

(d) they are not in compliance with their obligations relating to the payment of social security contributions or the payment of taxes in accordance with the legal provisions of the country in which they are established or with those of the country of the contracting authority or those of the country where the contract is to be performed;
(e) they or persons having powers of representation, decision making or control over them have been the subject of a judgment which has the force of ‘res judicata’ for fraud, corruption, involvement in a criminal organisation, money laundering or any other illegal activity, where such an illegal activity is detrimental to the Union’s financial interests;

(f) they are subject to an administrative penalty for being guilty of misrepresentation in supplying the information required by the contracting authority as a condition of participation in a procurement procedure or failing to supply information, or being declared to be in serious breach of their obligation under a contract covered by the budget;
(g) they have a conflict of interest in connection with the contract; a conflict of interest could arise in particular as a result of economic interests, political or national affinities, family or emotional ties or any other relevant connection or shared interest.

Candidates shall provide a declaration on their honour to be found at http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/translation/workwithus/calls/open/eldb02/index_en.htm, stating that they are not in one of the situations of exclusion listed above. It is to be duly signed and dated by an authorised representative. In case of doubt, the candidates may be requested to provide supporting evidence of non-exclusion.
 11.Selection criteria:

a) Place of establishment:

Candidates must be established in a Member State of the European Union, or of the European Economic Area, or in one of the 3 candidate countries (the former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, Iceland and Turkey), or in another State having concluded an agreement on public procurement with the European Union covering the relevant category of supplies, and furnish proof thereof in accordance with their national legislation.

b) Proof of authorisation to perform contracts under national law:

Candidates are required to prove that they are authorised to perform the contracts to be signed following this call for expressions of interest under national law. This can be evidenced by inclusion in a trade register or professional register, or a sworn declaration or certificate, membership of a specific organisation, express authorisation, or entry in the value added tax (VAT) register.

c) Criteria relating to financial and economic capacity:

Candidates must provide proof of their economic and financial capacity by means of one or more of the following documents:

— appropriate statements from banks or, where appropriate, evidence of relevant professional risk indemnity insurance,

— financial statements for the last 2 years for which accounts have been closed,

— a statement of overall turnover and turnover concerning the electronic dictionaries and databases covered by this call for expressions of interest during the last 2 financial years available.

d) Criteria relating to technical and professional capacity:

— The candidate has to demonstrate his capacity to provide electronic dictionaries and databases. It can be proved by either a list including at least 1 electronic dictionary or database he delivered in the past 3 years, or a catalogue of existing electronic dictionaries and databases the candidate is able to supply. The abovementioned list or catalogue should include the following information:

• type of dictionaries and databases: general or specialised; monolingual, bilingual, or multilingual,

• language coverage of dictionaries and databases,

• title of dictionaries and name of databases,

• electronic media of dictionaries and databases: CD/DVD-ROM, web-based with online access via login and password or IP verification, normal or simultaneous user type, or server-based.

— The candidate is requested to submit a brief (max. 1 page) description of measures employed to ensure the quality of supplies and services, paying special attention to the aspect of reactiveness in case of technical problems.

 12.‘Ex post’ transparency:

Details on the contractors who have concluded a contract of more than 15 000 EUR awarded following the procedure set out at point 4 shall be published on the website of the contracting authority no later than 30 June of the year following contract award.

These details include name, locality (address for legal persons and region of origin for natural persons), amount, and subject of the contract. For natural persons, the information shall be removed 2 years after the year of contract award.

 13.Date of dispatch of notice:


 14.Date of receipt by the Publications Office:



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