About us

We're Inter-face.eu - and we're having a good time...

We're truly having a good time. We are a group of friends - some of us met as colleagues first, others know each other since childhood - who have decided that the time for bemoaning the economic crisis is over … So we decided to bundle our collective forces. We all work(ed) as freelancers and we all had bouts of extreme workloads - and downtime … we would help each other out, pass tips and jobs around, just brainstorm and make plans. And now we have decided that the future is ours - we work together as a team, sharing resources and tips, jointly working on campaigns and projects and give our clients the benefit of working with a lean, efficient and integrated group.

We have put our collective skills under the banner of Inter-Face.eu - once a one-man band - to provide the full range of integrated services.

Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

We do two things - in themselves not related - and yet both based on design and the written word: proposal development and developing communication campaigns.

Tender writing and proposal development are a challenge (if not an art) and we like a good challenge! We love analysing terms of reference, and building upon the requirements of the contracting organisation (most often the European Commission and USAID), use our knowledge and inventiveness to develop a working and winning proposal.

As to communication campaigns, starting with needs-assessments, we formulate - with the client - the communication goals. Based upon these goals we work out a communication strategy.

Together with the client, we develop effective and attractive communication tools, based upon the chosen strategy. In addition, we also work with clients to define the visual identity of their company or to help them conquer external markets through a well-targeted localisation strategy.

Inter-face.eu has refined the art of turning an idea into an effective tool.